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To: City Public Safety Directors


From: Jeff Armbruster, Public Safety Director, North Ridgeville, Ohio; President of OAPSD


President’s Message

What an exciting time to lead the Ohio Association of Public Safety Directors!  As President I am honored to have the opportunity of working closely with the board, consisting of professionals who have experienced extensive success in their fields.  I look forward to continuing to build on the vision of past Presidents, as well as bringing in new ideas and goals of my own.  Safety of our citizens, as well as our Safety Forces, is a passion of mine and I intend to serve diligently as we strive to make our corner of the world a bit safer for us all.  


Our Mission

The OAPSD is a space for public safety officials to meet and work to guide the delivery of essential public safety services to local communities across the state of Ohio.  A cohesive effort in providing safety to all of Ohio’s citizens is proving more and more necessary each day. With the advent of new technology and ever changing social landscape, the communication of our members is growing more and more crucial. Our members are Public Safety Directors, Mayors, City Managers, Police Chiefs, and Fire Chiefs who all have one common goal: to ensure the safety of Ohioans.


Our Goals

With new leadership on the OAPSD board and a new Executive Director, now is the time for OAPSD to accomplish many of its goals. As the President, my role is to clearly communicate and outline the direction of our organization. As I mentioned, I intend to build upon the progress of past presidents Steve Wheeler and Tom Robbins, who have both made great strides in expanding the influence of OAPSD.


Ohio’s municipal public safety service providers face many unique challenges and offer a much needed perspective in the safety realm. The OAPSD strives to be a resource for these providers and for our policy makers whose choices affect the daily operations of our municipalities. During my term, I hope to expand the information sharing capabilities of the OAPSD. Through membership forums and research, the OAPSD will strive to create and maintain best practices for the industry. Active participation in regional seminars and the annual conference will continue to provide much needed educational opportunities for our public safety providers. By participating in more of these activities, we will strengthen our own abilities to lead.


It is imperative that municipal public safety providers have a seat at the table during policy discussions at the local and state levels. I will strive to make sure that the wealth of knowledge that our membership has is represented during those conversations. By increasing our monitoring of legislation and increasing our positive advocacy in Columbus, we can extend the influence of our organization. We are better when we come together in a united, supportive, effort to ensure our voices are heard.


Our Impact

The value of our network and advocacy is dependent upon our membership. If you are not currently a member of the OAPSD, I urge you to join. We are more effective when we have more heads brainstorming solutions and contributing to the conversation. Together, we can take the best ideas from around the state and create best practices. Together, we can use our expertise to educate policymakers and others about our roles and our needs. 


The growth of our organization will be exciting and challenging, but together we can succeed.  It is with a sense of duty and commitment that I look forward to working with our dedicated members and staff.  Thank you, sincerely, for the privilege to serve.


Want to know more about our organization and the services we offer? Get detailed information here. Learn more about us and meet our dedicated staff members. We look forward to serving you!

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