Ohio Association of Public Safety Directors
Ohio Association of Public Safety Directors

The OAPSD Mission

The purpose of this organization shall be to provide an opportunity for Public Safety Officers to meet as a separate group for the discussion of municipal problems generally or the special problems, responsibilities and experiences of public safety officers as a special class of officials and to promote the general welfare of the cities and villages of this State by appropriate means, including but not limited to the following:
  1. the maintenance of a central bureau of information and research for collection, analysis and dissemination of information dealing with public safety;
  2. the fostering of conferences of safety officials, schools and short courses for the discussion and study of public safety problems and techniques involved in their solution; the rendering of such special and general services as may be deemed advisable; the publication and circulation of an official newsletter and such bulletins and reports on public safety as may be compiled from time to time; and
  3. the securing of the cooperation of universities and institutions of higher learning in furnishing the services of members of the faculty and students in assembling and analyzing information concerning public safety and in the conduct of schools and short courses in the field of public safety administration.
  4. the securing of harmony of action among the municipalities of Ohio and other agencies of government in all matters which affect the citizens of Ohio in creating the awareness of all levels of government of the problems and challenges of public safety in Ohio by presenting the facts and experiences upon which to formulate sound policies.

OAPSD Bylaws  

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Ohio Association of Public Safety Directors


175 S 3rd St, Suite 510
Columbus, OH 43215


Phone: (614) 221-4349


Email: twetmore@omlohio.org


Executive Director: Thomas J. Wetmore, II

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OHAssnPublicSafetyDirectors



The OAPSD has four different types of membership: municipal, Public Safety Director (or equivalent), police and fire chiefs, and vendors.


To learn more, please

call (614) 221-4349


email twetmore@omlohio.org

Article Submissions

This website is an article-based best-practices forum for public safety management. Articles may be submitted to Executive Director Thomas J. Wetmore, II. They will be reviewed by the board and approved before they are displayed on the website and distributed to membership. 

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