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Certified Law Enforcement Executive

Certified Law Enforcement Executive (CLEE)

1996 to Present


The program’s primary purpose is to increase and certify professional competence. Ohio’s CLEE Program is the standard by which all other state’s certification programs are measured. The eight instructional modules are presented by nationally recognized experts from academia, the corporate sector, and private consulting organizations. Graduate credit can be arranged through Tiffin University in criminal justice.


The CLEE curriculum includes eight content modules identified by successful law enforcement executives as essential for meeting today’s demands and tomorrow’s needs in law enforcement management and leadership. Modules in Ethics and Change Management form the core of the curriculum, with others addressing Vision, Mission and GUIDING PRINCIPLES,HUMAN RESOURCES ANF TEAM FACILITATION, Planning, Interpersonal Skills, POLICE BUDGETING and Resource Allocation, and Managing the INTERNAL AND External Environment. The curriculum is dynamic and continually evaluated and changed to meet emerging needs and issues. Mastering the curriculum involves significant self study, four two day “in-residence” study days in Columbus, an examination or case study for each module, and the oral presentation of a final Capstone Project developed over the course of the 12 month program. The Capstone Project requires the application of concepts and principles learned in each of the eight modules to a self-selected law enforcement LEADERSHIP AND management problem.


CLEE is designed for Chiefs of Police, Sheriffs, and upper command level staff, who wish to certify and increase their professional competency, management, and leadership skills, or to prepare to move onto positions of greater responsibility.


For more information about CLEE

Law Enforcement Foundation
6277 Riverside Drive, Ste. 2N
Dublin, Ohio 43017 
614-761-9479 - FAX: 614-761-9509

Ohio Fire Executive (OFE) Program

Click here for information regarding the OFE program. 
Applications are accepted annually from October 1 through December 1 for the Ohio Fire Executive Program. 

The Ohio Fire Executive (OFE) program, created and administered by the Ohio Fire & Emergency Services Foundation, is an executive development program.  The OFE assesses, enhances and refines the leadership qualities of Chiefs who are currently leading their organizations and develops 'bench strength' in high potential senior officers who can move into positions of greater responsibility.


The content and processes of the program were chosen to support the acquisition of improved leadership capabilities. It is envisioned that the program will have an impact on participants in five domains:

  • Knowledge acquisition
  • Self-awareness building
  • Perspective change
  • Skill development
  • Behavior change

Program Format


Program Format

The OFE program is an in-residence program.  It is delivered through FIVE sessions each running 4 and one half days in length with six month intervals between sessions.  The intervals provide time for reading assignments, completing assigned projects and immediately applying leadership concepts covered in class.

Year 1:    Session 1 - Spring  |  Session 2 - Fall
Year 2:   Session 3 - Spring  |  Session 4 - Fall
Year 3:   Session 5 and Graduation - Spring

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The OFE curriculum includes 17 learning modules.  The central themes of Executive Leadership,Self Analysis and Leading Change are emphasized across the curriculum.

Self Analysis
Executive Leadership
Leadership Communications
Customer Service
Vission, Mission & Values
Research Utilization
Team Building
Leading Change
Strategic Planning
Problem Solving
Conflict Management
Budgeting & Finance
Organizational Evaluation
Policy Formulation
Community Leadership Structure
Developing Organizational Ethics
Ohio Employment Labor Law

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The Value of OFE

Completion of this program by the participant can benefit the community, organization and the individual.  At the completion of the OFE program, participants will be able to:

  • Describe their personal strengths and weaknesses and areas where continued improvement is needed.
  • Define executive leadership as a set of behaviors and characteristics not the position or the person.
  • Develop and implement an organizational vision that is ethically and morally responsible.
  • Act more knowledgeable in the role of change agent and manage the problems associated with change in an effective manner.
  • Develop stronger communications skills to motivate and inspire individuals and groups to work toward a common goal.
  • Conduct and utilize research as an important decision-making tool.
  • Develop an organizational strategic plan that focuses on customer service and how to achieve results.
  • Conduct an evaluation of the organization using both internal and external criteria.
  • Identify potential sources of conflict early and manage conflict constructively.
  • Recognize how to represent the organization effectively, both internally and externally.

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Instructors are nationally recognized experts from academia, the corporate sector, private consulting organizations and fire service leaders.  Some faculty have taught in the nationalExecutive Fire Officers program.

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Who Should Attend?

The OFE program is designed for Chiefs who are newly appointed, or Chiefs with experience but who strive for personal and professional development and officers with high potential for greater responsibility as described by management.

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Tuition and Location

Tuition is $8,500 for double occupancy and $9,500 for single occupancy. Tuition includes all program instruction and materials, overnight accommodations for the five week long sessions and all meals. The tuition will be billed four months prior to each session ($1,700/$1,900) and must be received two months prior to the beginning of the session. If the tuition has not been paid one month prior to the beginning of the session, the student will be dropped from the class.

OUT-OF-STATE APPLICANTS:  The tuition is $9,500 for double occupancy and $10,500 for single occupancy and includes a three-year optional membership. The tuition will be billed in the same manner as in-state applicants.

OHIO EMS GRANT PROGRAM: Do you want to send a member of your fire department to the Ohio Fire Executive program but need help to pay for it?  The Ohio EMS grant program has funds that may be used for OFE tuition.  To apply, click on this link:   http://www.ems.ohio.gov/ems_grants.stm

LOCATION:  Sessions are held at The Conference Center at NorthPointe, located on the Southeast corner of Polaris Parkway/Powell Road and Route 23 with participants staying at the on-site hotel. You may click here for more information about NorthPointe.

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Admission is by APPLICATION ONLY and requires a statement of nomination from the applicant's top administrator.  Application to the program is open to qualified candidates annually from October 1 through December 1. To request an application, contact the Ohio Fire & Emergency Services Foundation through one of the following:


Mail: Ohio Fire & Emergency Services Foundation
131 Dillmont Dr. #101 
Columbus, OH 43235
Phone: 614.410.6322 or 800.347.3704
Fax: 614.410.6324
Email: mphelvey@ohiofirechiefs.org

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OFE Brochure

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