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Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP)

Local Technical Assistance Program


The mission of Ohio’s Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) is to assist local governments in managing and maintaining a safe, cost-effective and environmentally sound transportation system by providing training and technical assistance in the areas of safety, workforce development, infrastructure management and organizational excellence. 

The Ohio Aiding Safety Services with Incident Survival Techniques (ASSIST) program provides post-critical incident aftercare for Ohio's Safety Service personnel.

Ohio Next Generation 9-1-1 Report

Ohio Next Generation 9-1-1 Report
Ohio Next Generation 9-1-1 Report
Ohio NG9 1 1 Transition Planning Study F[...]
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Public Records Law

Ohio Sunshine Laws Manual 2017

Model Open Records Policy

Sunshine Laws Training

Ohio Attorney General's Sunshine Laws Section 


The Ohio Attorney General's Public Records Unit can be reached at 614-466-2872. 

Ohio Traffic Incident Management

Ohio Traffic Indicent Management



What is QuickClear?
QuickClear is the state's traffic incident management program composed of several agencies, including ODOT, local and state law enforcement agencies, Fire, EMA, and towing and recovery services. These agencies work together to safely and efficiently clear traffic incidents on Ohio highways.
Why is Traffic Incident Management Important?
Inefficient traffic incident management causes thousands of responders and motorists to be needlessly killed or injured each year. Traffic incidents cause millions of hours of congestion delay annually, which results in billions of dollars being wasted. Given their authority to fully or partially close travel lanes, local public agencies must recognize their responsibility to both motorists and themselves.
The Ohio Departments of Transportation and Public Safety through a joint partnership have developed and implemented a statewide traffic incident management program known as “Ohio QuickClear.” This program was initially conceived as a means to protect our first responders by providing training on the best means to provide traffic control at highway incident scenes. This concept soon developed into an all-encompassing incident management system that not only provides for the safety of responders and motorists but provides an added economic benefit by keeping traffic and commerce moving by utilizing the latest in technology and public awareness programs. 
Further enhancements to the program’s effectiveness are being provided by the Federal Highway Safety Administration with the implementation of a nationally standardized training program for all response agencies with certified TIM instructors. The Ohio Department of Transportation is also developing incentive programs and training for the towing industry designed to shorten clearance times for large profile vehicle crashes. 

Sample Labor Contracts

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Shielding our Protectors Program

Ohio law provides that peace officers, parole officers, federal law enforcement officers, probation officers, bailiffs, prosecuting attorneys, assistant prosecuting attorneys, correctional employees, youth services employees, firefighters, EMTs, or investigators of the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation may redact their home addresses from public databases, including Ohio’s online voter rolls.


Shielding our Protectors Program

Redaction Request Forms

Towing & Recovery Incentive Payment Program

Ohio’s Towing and Recovery Incentive Program (TRIP) pays prequalified heavy-duty towing and recovery companies incentives for the quick clearance of large commercial vehicle incidents on selected, high-importance Ohio roadways. As of July 2015, approximately 1,000 miles of interstates, state routes, and US routes across every region of Ohio will be covered by the TRIP program.

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